Mentoring Made Easy – One Conversation At A Time


By Gwen Gnazdowsky, Make Possible Project Partner

As a HUGE fan of mentorship, I am so committed to a world where everyone wins!  Mentorship creates win-win opportunities for both the mentor and the mentee. With mentorship, the possibilities are endless…

SCWIST has put together an amazing opportunity with the Make Possible Mentorship Program.  If you want ideas on how to make mentorship work for you – connect with us, attend the programs, post your profile and reach out to make connections.

Thinking back on my own career, I recall an incredible Supervisor Barb Skeene at the Calgary Young Offenders Centre.  Barb had an amazing way of zooming into what was really going on for the youth, empathizing with them and getting them on-board towards cooperation and success.  I approached Barb, telling her that I admired her skills and would love to hear her ideas and suggestions in working with the youth.  As a result, Barb took me under her wing and she fought for me to be on her “special needs unit’, where we focused on problem solving group work.  Unbeknownst to me, Barb also prepared me towards a permanent position; understanding the Centre’s policies, priorities and best practices.  To my surprise, Barb was in the interview for my permanent position and I could see how she had set me up for success.  She also championed me to management, securing me the growth opportunities and extra training.

Mentorship is invaluable. My four favorite philosophies around mentorship include:
1. Everyone has something to offer and can mentor/contribute
2. Mentors gain – there is something in it for everyone participating
3. People learn by sharing their experiences with one another
4. Mentoring is one of the most wonderful opportunities to “pay it forward”

Enjoy every moment of it!

Gwen Gnazdowsky of ONE Conversation Coaching & Facilitation has been helping people achieve personal, professional and relationship goals for over 25 years. She is the National Mentorship Program Developer and Coordinator with the Women in Leadership Foundation. She delivered a Ted Talk on “Happiness is a Paradigm Shift” for TEDxBCIT and an Assertiveness Workshop for BCIT Nurses. Gwen teaches Communication and Public Speaking Courses at Langara College and Vancouver School Board; and has delivered keynotes and workshops for SCWIST, YWCA’s Mentoring Programs and Human Resources Management Association, to name a few.  Gwen is committed to helping people achieve what they want in life.